Products are bought, not sold!


We are best suited to clients who want to ‘Out-Think’ rather than ‘Out-Spend’ their competitors - encouraging them to identify the 20% of their customers that generate 80% of their sales, understand how to reach & motivate them, and to spend the budget accordingly. Through sound strategic thinking & creative know-how, we combine advertising, design, direct marketing, trade promotions, media, web and online techniques to develop targeted and measurable integrated marcomm strategies that will deliver accelerated sales growth.

B2B Products & Services are Bought, not Sold!

We understand that B2B sales success often involves reaching and motivating various audiences within an organisation through effective communications, each audience with their own ‘Buying’ motive(s). Understanding these audiences, their motives, and using our knowledge of which communication channel(s) to use to elicit the best response is our strength.

Download some of our 'Thinking'...

  1. How to choose an agency
  2. The case for integration
  3. Reaching senior decision makers -rationale
  4. Reaching senior decision makers –creative
  5. How and why do brochures work

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"Working with Clockwork IMC and the team was like having an extension to my marketing department. Steve helped me define the proposition, and simplify the messages to our target market. His ideas to cut through the cluttered market were first class and allowed me to generate highly qualified sales leads. I will never hesitate to recommend Clockwork IMC." Renette Youssef, Director of Group Marketing, Touchstone Group

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